Frequently Asked Questions

What is a growler?

A growler is a super awesome vessel for transporting beer. Growlers are typically amber glass, which prevents sunlight from damaging the beer. Thumbprint sells (2) types of growlers:  32oz and 64oz. Our Growler bar is unique, we have 8 taps that rotate constantly so you can always try something new!

How much does it cost to fill a growler?

That depends on which beer you choose and what size growler. The prices usually range from $16 – 20 per 64oz fill and $8 – 10 for a 32oz fill.

Are all the beers on tap local?

Mostly yes, however, our goal is to bring in beers for the growler bar that are not typically canned or bottled.

How often do the taps change?

All the time! The average is 2-3 days. The more popular the beers we will rotate back in from time to time.

Does Thumbprint Brew Beer?

No. Although we are very passionate about beer, we leave the brewing to the experts (it’s an art, ya know!). Currently we do not brew, but never say never!

Can you sit down and enjoy a pint?

Due to AGLC laws, we can’t sell and consume. At this time Thumbprint is a sell only environment, however, we will have tasting events in store. Stay tuned!

What breweries will you be selling?

Thumbprint will carry over 600 different types of beer. Our list is constantly rotating and it would be a full time job to list every beer we offer. Our focus is the best quality craft beer available. Since there are a lot of amazing breweries around the world, we rotate our selection often.

Will you sell macro beers (Bud, Coors, Canadian...) ?


Due to limited space we will not carry macro beers. We have a lot of amazing local breweries that we love to support by carrying their beers. (Come try them!)

If Thumbprint doesn't carry a beer, will you bring it in for me?

Absolutley! We will always try our best to get your favourites in store. We will have a request list and update you on your request.

Alberta has a Liquor Connect page which lists all the beers available in the province. If the beer you are requesting isn’t listed on their website we will not be able to order it for you. Please search here first before placing a request

How do you fill a growler?

At Thumbprint we have an (8) tap growler bar. There will always be 8 taps of delecious beer rotating. You can purchase a thumbprint growler at the store, or bring in one of your own and we will fill it for you. 

Do you sell kegs?

Yes! We offer a wide range of bulk sales options. If you are looking to order a keg or purchase in bulk please contact us to arrange an order.