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What makes our growler filling station unique?

Growler filling at a local brewery or at most liquor stores is completed directly off of the taps.  This allows oxygen to come in contact with the beer and the process of deterioration begins. Once the beer is exposed to oxygen it should be consumed within 48 hours. Our PEGAS counter pressure filler eliminates this problem.   Your team at Thumbprint Craft Beer Market, starts your growler fill by venting the oxygen out using CO2. Once the air is purged we fill your growler with your choice of delicious craft made beverages. This process results in a growler filled with a great product that will last stored for weeks instead of just a couple of days. 

“Why does this matter? I’m going to crush a growler in less than 48 hrs anyways.” 

By knowing you have the choice to store your sealed growler for a longer period means you can take advantage of our specials and unique items that may not last. Our top selling items sell out quickly. Therefore, you can come and fill as soon as they are tapped.  This means you always have a chance to have something special for an upcoming event.  In addition, you can take advantage of our “growler hours”.  Every Tuesday & Wednesday we offer 10% off of all fills between 2pm – 6pm.  Now you can come and fill before the weekend rush and save at the same time!!

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